Stuck for time? Why not pre-order your food and we’ll get it ready for you. Just fill in the form below.

Coffee Panini’s
Espresso – £1.55 £3.95 each
Macchiato – £1.60 Any two fillings:
Cappuccino – £2.10 Ham, Cheese, Bacon, Tuna, Tomato, Onion
Americano – £2.00 All served with wild rocket and crisps
Caffe Latte – £2.10 Extra fillings – 50p each
Mocha – £2.30
Hot Chocolate – £2.30
Extra coffee shot – £1.00
Syrup shot and toffee waffles – 40p
Decaff options available
Tea Cake
For one person – £1.20 £1.95 each
For two people – £2.00 Carrot Cake
Red Bush Lemon and Blueberry Drizzle
Chai Sticky Iced Ginger Cake
Green Tea Millionaires shortbread
Earl Grey Chocolate Brownie
Peppermint Tiffin

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